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We are Morema Estates.

Morema Estates was founded and registered in June 2019 by Maredi Morema. It is a 100% black-owned company that aims to give people of our country professional services and transform the lives of most black people by giving them the opportunity to learn, get knowledge, and experience in the property sector.

We pride ourselves on employing, training, and encouraging black professionals, and developing our black administrative staff through internal training and funding of the external work-related study.

Reliable Selling Services

We aim to provide safe, reliable, and secure services for both buyer and seller.

Property Management & Valuations

Realistic evaluations and timely property management services.

Our Value

The Core Company Values

  • God
  • Family
  • Business
Our Mission

To be your number one Estate Agency of choice

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Our Agents
Expertise Is Here

Our Exclusive Agetns

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George Mogofe

Morema Estates

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Morema Estates

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